Friday, April 27, 2012

Flexible Style

Same Essential Black Pants

Same Cobalt Blue Skirt & Turquoise Shirt

Same Scarf and Sheer Blouse

Same Tribal Print Scarf
I have officially completed thirty blog post on Endless Chic Style....Yeahhhh! In that accomplishment, I was inspired to show you how I have interchanged some pieces in my wardrobe to complete different looks so far. For me, style has never been about spending a huge amount of money to look great. I am a true fan of finding a deal. With that said, it's not a deal if you can't use it. Just because it is on don't need to buy it. When I shop, I try and stay away from items with a lot of prints and patterns. It is much more difficult to style and interchange items that have too much going on. I am not saying to knock every print item you come across.....just keep it to a minimum if you are trying to establish a foundation in your wardrobe. Once the foundation is laid, you can add more statement pieces to your collection. When establishing a base in you closet, you want to select more solid colored, individual pieces that compliment your body type. You can worry about the flare when you get to the accessories aisle. Once you have those solid colors, you have more flexibility to interchange them into multiple looks. Now....once you get to the accessories department, this is your opportunity to add the icing to the cake. Accessories are the the final and most important piece to an outfit. With accessories, you can transform a white t-shirt and jeans into so many different looks. Keep in mind, too much of anything is bad. Don't go overboard with the will end up looking like a Christmas Tree. I like to apply the rule, "Everyone can't talk at the same time", when choosing my accessories. Pick one statement piece for center stage and allow the other accessories to be the back ground singers. (Ex. A beautiful necklace shouldn't be out shined by a large pair of earrings.) Once you have established a base, you can move on to introducing color and personality to your closet. Know your body and yourself and everything else will fall into place when it comes to your style and wardrobe. Have fun and stay beautiful.

Listed below are essential items necessary to building an endless wardrobe:
A Black Suit (Blazer & Pant Combo),
A Button Down White Dress Shirt
A Fierce Set of Solid Black Pumps
A Pair of Denim Jeans (preferably dark rinse)
A Fabulous Black Dress (LBD)
A Nice fitting White T-Shirts....or three
A Nice Solid Black and Brown Purse
A Cute Set of Athletic Shoes
A Trench Coat
A Pair of Khaki or Brown Pants

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