Tuesday, April 24, 2012

All In The Family

Sheer Turquoise Blouse

Gold Belt [Thrift Store] $3.20

Gold Earrings [Thrift Store] $1.20

Cobalt Blue Pencil Skirt [New York & Company] $25

BCBG Animal Print Pumps [old]
In today's outfit, I have two colors I don't traditionally place together. After today, it will become a normal practice. I love the way the two blues compliment each other. After this combination, I began to think about combining other colors like pink and red, deep purple and lavender, yellow and orange....and much much more. Keeping it all in the same color family is a style I will keep in my tool box of fashion for a while. For the rest of the ensemble, I added some flare with my animal print pumps and some gold accessories to complete the look.

Tip: Try pairing up two colors, that are in the same family, in your wardrobe and let me know how it turns out. Have fun and stay beautiful!

Outfit Total: Less Than $50 (minus the cost of the shoes)
Turquoise Blouse [Unknown] Less than $15, Cobalt Blue Pencil Skirt [NY&C] $25 (sale), Gold Belt [Thrifted] $3.20, Earrings [Thrifted] 3.20, Gold Bangles [Wal-Mart] $5, BCBG Animal Print Pumps [OLD!!...lol]

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