Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5 Way To Wear A Summer Scarf

#1 Draped

#2 Draped w/ Belt

#3 Infinity Scarf

#4 Bow Tie

#5 Looped & Swooped
Do you pack your scarves away when the warm weather hits? Well it's time for a change. Scarves can be worn year around. In the spring and summer months, sheer scarves are a great look for any outfit. They are easy and breezy! You can have a statement piece with a pop of color with a beautiful scarf. In addition to that perk, they are SUPER AFFORDABLE! Listed below are instructions on how I achieved each look. 

Look #1 - Take a long sheer scarf and drape it around your neck. Add safety pins under the collar to prevent scarf from flying off on windy days. This look is great for anyone who is self conscious about your midsection. A great way provide an optical illusion.

Look #2 - Complete Look #1 and add a belt. This look can jazz up any simple outfit. Quick and easy.

Look #3 - Inspired by the infinity scarf. Take a long scarf, tie it in a knot and swoop it to the side. Allow the fringe to dangle for detail.

Look #4 - Take a long scarf, tie it like a bow tie, allow fringe to dangle, fluff out the bow portion and swoop it to the side. This look is so nice...you could easily jazz up a basic t-shirt with a pop of color and style.

Look #5 Take a long scarf, fold it in half, wrap it around your neck, take the fringe end and pull it through the loop. WaaaLaahhh you have a simple chic look.

Have fun and be creative...Maybe you could share some of your looks with me. Stay Beautiful

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