Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thrift Store Thrursday

Thursday is my day to shop and majority of the time I find myself thrifting.  I like to call it "Thrift Store Thursdays". LOL. Last week, this denim skirt was a great find for me. Most second hand places have so much going on when you walk, it is difficult to find anything at first site. However, this skirt was different because it was just poking out of the rack at the right time and I quickly placed it in my buggy with any question asked. I have been on a hunt for all types of skirts. (i.e pleated, pencil, A-line, maxi and so on....) If it's a skirt that fits, I will fit it in my wardrobe. In this outfit, I took some items I have had for a while and paired it with my great denim find. This is an outfit I would wear to run errands, backyard gatherings, or even to work in a business casual setting or dress down Fridays. Remember to always have fun with your own style.

Tip: Take a casual denim piece, preferably a dark denim, and dress it up with a nice blouse and accessories. Denim does not have to always fall into the casual category. Jazz it up and show it off.

Outfit Total: Less Than $50
Stripe Shirt [Ross] $10, Denim [Thrift Store] $3.39, Earrings [Forever21] $3.00, Bracelet [Ross] $10, Black Kimono Style Belt [Express] old, J-Lo Platform Sandals [Unknown] old

Photos Taken By: James McElrath

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