Wednesday, June 4, 2014

KINKY (Senegalese) TWIST | Braided Headband

If you have followed my blog (Thank you!) you have noticed that my hair is in it's natural state. With the weather getting warmer, and me growing bored with my hair, I decided to put Kinky (Senegalese) Twist in. Yeah! I love them. They are so easy and appropriate for every occasion. With that said, I thought it would be a great idea to share all the hairstyle I come up with while I have my hair twisted. This hairstyle can be created on any type of hair and it's the look I created for my blog post on Monday. (Click HERE to read more) I hope you enjoy. Remember to have fun with your style and stay beautiful!!

1. Begin with your hair down
2. Section off the front portion (This works on both sides)
3. Braid this section across the front portion of your head
4. Secure it with bobby pins
5/6 Use an old toothbrush and gel to lay down those edges (optional)
7. Whah-lah, You're done!

Monday, June 2, 2014

DIY Crop Top | McCall 6288

Now that the weather is warmer, I am extremely excited about the easy breezy comfortable looks for the spring and summer season. I live for comfort!! There is nothing like being able to crack out a cartwheel in your outfit and look like you’re ready for a date night at the same time.

The midi skirt/crop top trend is a look I have been eyeballing before the weather EVEN thought about getting warm. I have been in love with the crop top since I saw Lisa, from Coming to America, rock a stripe pattern one at the McDowell Christmas Party. How many people remember THAT!!? (I know…I’m dating myself, Right!?!)

This crop top was the perfect touch to keep this border lined dated midi skirt look fresh and on trend. This skirt was found at the Thrift Store for a few bucks. Whoohoo!  The bright neutral fabric color is so easy breezy and has topped my thrift store finds as my MOST fab because it is perfect look and size. I didn’t have to alter anything.

Last but not least, the razor back shirt was created using McCall 6288 (Click HERE). The pattern was designed for a dress but I chose to use it as a crop top for now. Under normal conditions I would NOT recommend sewing such an inexpensive top but I am always trying to improve my sewing skills. The pattern was super easy and I look forward using this one for a lot of effortless/comfortable looks. It’s a great staple pattern to use for all seasons. 

Barry the butterfly decided to do a cameo in my blog. I felt like snow white without the seven dwarfs. 

Remember to have fun with your style and stay beautiful!!