Friday, January 11, 2013

Relaxed and Comfortable

Friday has finally arrived and the weekend is upon us. The weather on my side of the world is crazy so I love throw on a soft warm sweater and jeans to feel comfy cozy during this time of the year. I added a little pizazz to the outfit by layering with a very sheer collared shirt and some wedge sneakers to keep the toes relaxed as well (love them!). Have fun with your style, stay beautiful, and enjoy your weekend!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dot Dot Dot

Another treasure was found at my favorite store. You got it, the Thrift Store!!!! I could see this shirt dressed up, down and all around. In the look today, I edged it up with some faux leather leggings and boots. Since the shirt was a little bit over-sized, I buttoned it to the top, added a statement necklace, and cinched in the waist with a kimono styled belt. Whalah!! Have fun with your style and stay beautiful. Leather Leggings | Wet Seal, Wedge Black Boots |, Necklace | Ebay, Belt | Express (very old)  

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Giving You the Cold Shoulder

The cold shoulder look is a trend that is sexy while maintaining a classy appearance.  However, I am always a bit skeptical about spending a large amount of money on items that maybe faddish. After finding this outdated top at the thrift store, I was inspired to update the look with a pair of scissors and thread. Instead of spending a ton of money, I was able to achieve the look for pennies. I hope you have been inspired to embrace your style without going broke. Have fun and always stay beautiful.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Finding Deals

If you have read more than one of my blog post (thank you), then you know I love finding great items at a low price (who doesn't). Today, I have to give a shout out to E-bay (Eeee-Bay, my best cheerleader voice) I have been lucky to find some amazing items at a reasonable price. Since I don't have the luxury of major retailers nearby, I opt for online shopping. E-bay has become one of those "go-to" places for me. 
The entire look started with a muted toned pink color blouse I purchased on E-Bay. I simply paired it with a pair of super skinny jeans in the same color (this helps with looking taller). I completed the look with a grey blazer (Thrift Store!!) and a pair of sexy booties (too hot!!).
Pros and Cons of shopping with E-bay. P: The price is always right. P: Items are stylish. C: Shipping takes FOREVER!. C: The quality of the item is sometimes questionable. (Read the seller's reviews).  Links: E-bay | pink blouse, Super Skinny Jeans (similar), Grey Booties (similar)  Have fun with your style and stay beautiful!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

A Lush for Lipsticks

I have loved make-up since I was old enough to understand the power of enhancement. I was back at Wally's world last night and came across four lovely colors I couldn't walk away from. On top of that, the price was right. (1.98 per tube) LOVE IT!! The first color is a neutral tone (Fragile Pink - 409 & Prospect Pink) I loved the lip gloss so much, I bought three.....just in case they discontinue the color.

The second color I selected was a fun fuschia. (Blue Rose - 405 & Fruit Punch). This color is so pretty in person because you can see the blue undertones in the shade.

The last color is my favorite because it has the perfect finish...not too matte and not too shiny. It is the perfect shade of red (Air Kiss - 404 & Plum). 
Have fun with your style and stay beautiful!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Headwrap Ideas

I have been rocking my natural hair for about 10+ months and I am so proud of my progress. However, I don't like to always wear my hair out. A head wrap is a good option for protective styling, a great cover-up when you are deep conditioning, or just waiting for your hair to dry when you have errands to run.....the list goes on and on. Nevertheless, I don't let my hair hold me back. I simply put on a head wrap........and Whalah!!!! I am good to go. I hope you have been inspired to tryout some of those scarves you have lying around. Put that the fabric to work and walk out the door feeling fabulous. Have fun with your style and stay beautiful.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year | A Little Old with New

I wanted to start the year off by mixing a little old with new. The cardigan has stood the test of time because I have had this comfy, cozy piece for years. If you squint really hard, you will see a small snag on my left elbow...LOL. (I am not throwing it away). I purchased both the shirt and cardigan from Old Navy. When it comes to Old Navy, if you handle your clothes with "Special Care", they will hold up.

The leggings was a fab find from "Wally's World" (Wal-Mart) for $5.98. With my limited retail resources, I am constantly trying to find great items in the most unexpected locations.

The bracelets were a great gift I received for Christmas from my Mom and they are such a nice touch to my outfit without going over the top. My necklace is a piece I have had a while that gives a small kiss of attention to my decolletage. (Love that The earrings are a pair of dainty pink rose studs.

My shoes and socks are items I have had for an Extremely long time......

Mixing old with new is so much fun because it reflects growth in your closet. It shows that your style is "SMART (Chic). Have fun and stay beautiful. Happy 2013!!