Thursday, May 31, 2012

Flirting with Floral

Yes.....I am breaking out the floral pants and I didn't steal them from Nana. I have been wanting a pair so bad and I finally found a print suited for me. Just because they are black, I feel they make me look slimmer. Another trick/tip for those who are going bold with the printed pants this spring/summer, the larger the print the smaller you look. Coming from a "hippie" type girl, It works! Have fun with your style and stay beautful.

Outfit Details: Less than $60
Green Sheer Blouse [Target][17.99], Floral Pants [Target][Less than 25.00], Black Platform Pumps[Payless][Bogo Sale], Accessories [Collective purchase]

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Preppy Chic

Most often times in my blog, I am ranting and raving about the fabulous finds I discover in the thrift stores. The cardigan I have today was an affordable find, I found at Tar-Jay (Target), that I couldn't resist. This cardigan is so pretty and bold at the same time. I love the detail and hardware they used to make the cardigan pop. This piece could be worn as a statement item with any neutral ensemble. Cardigans are essential items in any wardrobe and I am so happy to find this one at an affordable price.

Tip: Always keep an eye open for those pieces that could add a little "something-something" to other items you have established in your wardrobe.

Link for Cardigan

Pink Cardigan [Target][32.99], Polka Dot Skirt [H&M][Unknown], Gold Gladiator Inspired Sandals [Payless][old], Gold Earrings [Thrift][1.20], Gold Belt [Thrift][2.00], Gold Butterfly Broach [10.00]

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tribal Tribute

I have become an avid blogger on my great affordable finds and personal style in the last few months. Today, I am SUPER excited to write about this look. Along with the jade colored pencil skirt (in a previous blog), I was able to find this beautiful canary yellow button down blouse and this bold black and white pair of tribal pants at the thrift store. For both items, I only paid $3.60. I simply paired this bold look with black and silver accessories I have collected over time (most items are super old) and I was truly pleased with how it all played out. My goal is place one solid outfit together that's purchased from the thrift store. Until then, I will continue to incorporate my affordable finds into outfits of the day.

Outfit Total: $50 [estimated]
Canary Yellow Button Down Blouse [Thrift Store][1.40], Black and White Tribal Pants [Thrift Store][2.20], Shell Black Necklace [Korea][5.00] very old!!, Kimono Style Black Belt [Express] very old!!, Collective Bracelets [$20], J-lo Platform Sandals [unknown] very old!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Vintage Shade of Jade

I recently made a trip to the thrift store and was SUPER lucky with finding some more fabulous affordable finds. Most of the items I found were skirts and pants. This beautiful jade color pencil skirt was at the top of the list of things I was able to sift out. After taking a good look at the detail of the skirt (the hem allowance, lining, and tags) I found out it was a vintage skirt. This is one item I will keep in my wardrobe for a while. As you can see, the outfit was all about the skirt and I paired it with a beautiful sheer terracotta colored blouse and belt to compliment the color.

Outfit Total [Less than 87.00]
Terracotta Sheer Blouse [Less than 15.00][unknown], Jade Pencil Skirt [2.20][Thrift Store], Belt [Less than 10.00][NY&C], Neutral Pumps [39.95][], Gold Necklace [Less than 10.00][K-Mart], Bracelet [10.00}

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Everyday Is A Holiday

I am so happy with this outfit today because I have marked a milestone with my weight loss journey. When this skirt arrived to my door from an online purchase, I could not wear it and I was really bummed. The skirt was purchased to wear during the holiday season...Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since that didn't happen, it got tucked away in my closet with hopes of wearing it this coming holiday. Well, no need to wait because I can wear it NOW!!! Yeahhhh. After I made such a great accomplishment, I had to convert this skirt from being a holiday look, to an everyday look. In doing so, I paired the skirt with a textured tank I purchased on sale, and finished the look with my yellow cardigan, tan belt, and faux snake skin wedges. Since I was playing around with textures, patterns, and neutral tones, I decided to keep the accessories to a minimum. I only added a gold pear of clip-on earrings to finish it all off.

If your holiday wear is not too "Holidayish", try brightening it up with spring colors. You look could be a day or night look. Have fun and stay beautiful.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hot Pink Harem

[1] Scarf, [1] Cardigan, [1] Blazer, [2] Essential Tanks, [2] Pair of Pants = 3 Outfit Ideas
I love harem pants. Just like skinny leg jeans, I want this style to stick around for a while. If I had my choice of pants, it would be harem, peg/cropped and skinny leg jeans. These style of pants allow me to show off my ankle cleavage....Yes, you read me right....ankle cleavage. In addition to my decolletage, my waist and my wrist, I like to show off my ankles.  Showing off the smaller areas of the body give you a smaller appearance. For example..what happens when you put on an over-sized pair of loose your shape..Don't hide under all those clothes. Know your body and show off the parts you like. Remember to remain tasteful in the process. In my outfit today, I paired neutrals together and added a pop of color. This look is fun and a great look for hanging out with the girls.

Tip: If you have been covering up under a lot of clothes...take a moment before you go to bed, look in the mirror and identify the areas you like the most. From there, pick out a look that would compliment those areas you selected. Remember to remain tasteful, and most of all....Stay Beautiful!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Pops Of Color

I like to express my inner emotion through my outfits.  In today's look, I started out with a basic pair of grey pants, a grey blouse, and a grey belt....Pretty boring right..The outfit was the opposite of what I was feeling. For a moment, I thought about changing but instead I took a look in my closet for other items to reflect my happy mood. I came out with bold pastel colors to brighten up the shades of grey. In the end, I was able to add three different pops of colors that screamed HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!! Now that Spring is here, brightened up your wardrobe with splashes of color. Even for the modest of hearts, you can add a little splash with a set of earrings, a purse, or a nice pair of shoes. 

Tip: If you are hesitant about pairing colors together, go online and print off a color wheel and take it with you when you go shopping. You will never fail if you select a color on the wheel and pair it with color directly across from it. If nothing else, keep place primary with primary, secondary with secondary, tertiary with tertiary colors and you will not go wrong. See the pic for examples.

Outfit Total: Less Than $100 [Items were collected over time]
Chelsea Cardigan [NY&C][$20], Grey Blouse [NY&C][15.00]. Grey Belt[old][less than $10], Grey Pants [NY&C][Less than $30], Coral Platform Pumps [Payless Boho Sale][29.99]**the second pair was 15.00** Heart Earrings [F21][Less than $3.00]

Friday, May 4, 2012

Country Chic

Blue & White Checkered Blouse [NY&C]

Denim Skirt [Thrifted]

Gold Earrings [Thifted]

Red Necklace [Gift Shop]

Nude BCBGeneration [Ross]
Checkered print is a pattern that reminds me of being outside and enjoying the fresh air. This outfit is somewhat festive and was inspired by a gathering we are having at the house this weekend. I paired a checked print blouse with a denim skirt while keeping the shoes and the accessories minimal.

Tip: If you have an upcoming event, game or party, it's okay to wear items that will compliment the theme. Just remember to remain tasteful and try to avoid going overboard. A little goes a long way.

Outfit Total: Less Than $54
Checkered Blouse [NY&C][old][less than $20], Denim Skirt [Thrifted][3.39], Earrings [Thrifted][1.20], Belt [NY&C][less than $10], BCBGeneration [Ross][20.00]

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Easy Breezy

White Top w/ Peter Pan Collar [H&M]

Sheer Polka Dot Skirt w/liner  [H&M]

Clip-On Pearl Earrings [Thrifted]

Gold Belt [Thrifted]

Mustard Colored Strappy Platform Sandals []
Do you ever wake-up and not have a clue on what to wear? Having a smart closet makes it easy breezy to get ready. My outfit today was effortless with simplicity. I finished the look with minimal accessories and a pop of color on the shoes.

Tip: Make your shopping worthwhile by selecting pieces you can incorporate into your wardrobe when you get home. Think about the things you can wear it with. The more the better!! If not, try to make an outfit out of it before leaving the store. If not, you run the risk of going home and never giving the item the light of day. Always have fun and stay beautiful.

Outfit was less than $50 (I apologize for not having the price details)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5 Way To Wear A Summer Scarf

#1 Draped

#2 Draped w/ Belt

#3 Infinity Scarf

#4 Bow Tie

#5 Looped & Swooped
Do you pack your scarves away when the warm weather hits? Well it's time for a change. Scarves can be worn year around. In the spring and summer months, sheer scarves are a great look for any outfit. They are easy and breezy! You can have a statement piece with a pop of color with a beautiful scarf. In addition to that perk, they are SUPER AFFORDABLE! Listed below are instructions on how I achieved each look. 

Look #1 - Take a long sheer scarf and drape it around your neck. Add safety pins under the collar to prevent scarf from flying off on windy days. This look is great for anyone who is self conscious about your midsection. A great way provide an optical illusion.

Look #2 - Complete Look #1 and add a belt. This look can jazz up any simple outfit. Quick and easy.

Look #3 - Inspired by the infinity scarf. Take a long scarf, tie it in a knot and swoop it to the side. Allow the fringe to dangle for detail.

Look #4 - Take a long scarf, tie it like a bow tie, allow fringe to dangle, fluff out the bow portion and swoop it to the side. This look is so could easily jazz up a basic t-shirt with a pop of color and style.

Look #5 Take a long scarf, fold it in half, wrap it around your neck, take the fringe end and pull it through the loop. WaaaLaahhh you have a simple chic look.

Have fun and be creative...Maybe you could share some of your looks with me. Stay Beautiful