Monday, May 21, 2012

A Vintage Shade of Jade

I recently made a trip to the thrift store and was SUPER lucky with finding some more fabulous affordable finds. Most of the items I found were skirts and pants. This beautiful jade color pencil skirt was at the top of the list of things I was able to sift out. After taking a good look at the detail of the skirt (the hem allowance, lining, and tags) I found out it was a vintage skirt. This is one item I will keep in my wardrobe for a while. As you can see, the outfit was all about the skirt and I paired it with a beautiful sheer terracotta colored blouse and belt to compliment the color.

Outfit Total [Less than 87.00]
Terracotta Sheer Blouse [Less than 15.00][unknown], Jade Pencil Skirt [2.20][Thrift Store], Belt [Less than 10.00][NY&C], Neutral Pumps [39.95][], Gold Necklace [Less than 10.00][K-Mart], Bracelet [10.00}

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