Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hot Pink Harem

[1] Scarf, [1] Cardigan, [1] Blazer, [2] Essential Tanks, [2] Pair of Pants = 3 Outfit Ideas
I love harem pants. Just like skinny leg jeans, I want this style to stick around for a while. If I had my choice of pants, it would be harem, peg/cropped and skinny leg jeans. These style of pants allow me to show off my ankle cleavage....Yes, you read me right....ankle cleavage. In addition to my decolletage, my waist and my wrist, I like to show off my ankles.  Showing off the smaller areas of the body give you a smaller appearance. For example..what happens when you put on an over-sized pair of loose your shape..Don't hide under all those clothes. Know your body and show off the parts you like. Remember to remain tasteful in the process. In my outfit today, I paired neutrals together and added a pop of color. This look is fun and a great look for hanging out with the girls.

Tip: If you have been covering up under a lot of clothes...take a moment before you go to bed, look in the mirror and identify the areas you like the most. From there, pick out a look that would compliment those areas you selected. Remember to remain tasteful, and most of all....Stay Beautiful!

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