Monday, May 7, 2012

Pops Of Color

I like to express my inner emotion through my outfits.  In today's look, I started out with a basic pair of grey pants, a grey blouse, and a grey belt....Pretty boring right..The outfit was the opposite of what I was feeling. For a moment, I thought about changing but instead I took a look in my closet for other items to reflect my happy mood. I came out with bold pastel colors to brighten up the shades of grey. In the end, I was able to add three different pops of colors that screamed HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!! Now that Spring is here, brightened up your wardrobe with splashes of color. Even for the modest of hearts, you can add a little splash with a set of earrings, a purse, or a nice pair of shoes. 

Tip: If you are hesitant about pairing colors together, go online and print off a color wheel and take it with you when you go shopping. You will never fail if you select a color on the wheel and pair it with color directly across from it. If nothing else, keep place primary with primary, secondary with secondary, tertiary with tertiary colors and you will not go wrong. See the pic for examples.

Outfit Total: Less Than $100 [Items were collected over time]
Chelsea Cardigan [NY&C][$20], Grey Blouse [NY&C][15.00]. Grey Belt[old][less than $10], Grey Pants [NY&C][Less than $30], Coral Platform Pumps [Payless Boho Sale][29.99]**the second pair was 15.00** Heart Earrings [F21][Less than $3.00]

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