Monday, March 19, 2012

Passion for the Peg

The peg leg, skinny leg, tapered leg and harem style pants are all loved by me. The cut and design is absolutely fabulous. These styles of pants are the perfect showcase for a fierce pair of heels in addition to showing off just a little bit of ankle. Just to my surprise, I was able to find two pair at my local thrift store. Since the pants are such a slim cut, I chose to wear a larger top to keep it chic. With the exception of the shoes, this outfit was very affordable. With just a little bit of patience and time, I am always able to add pieces that will compliment my wardrobe.

Thrift Store Shopping Tip: To avoid being overwhelmed, have a list of items you would like to find when you go shopping. (e.g. tapered leg pant, colorful tops, belts, or maybe even scarves)

Turquoise Top [Rainbow] $3.50 (sale), Peg Leg Pants [Thrift Store] $2, Shoes [] $39.95, Necklace/Ear Ring Set [Rainbow] $3.50 (sale)

Outfit Total: $48.95

Photos taken by: James McElrath

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