Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sew Wild | Vogue Pattern 8913

Have you ever made a mistake on something and it turned in to a masterpiece?....me either.. Just kidding. Today's post was designed to be a loose fitting blouse like the lady standing beside me in the picture. As a result, it developed into a form fitted dress. LOVE IT. Not only is it in animal print, but it's on the short side as well. I made a belt (coming up in a future blog) to cinch in my waist to accentuate (..love that word) my figure. You are not able to see it because I made it out of the same material as the dress. Tip: A great way to show off your curves is to add a belt to your natural waist line. It works even better if you can find one in the same color as the garment. This causes less distraction to the eye and it makes you look taller and slimmer. This is coming from the QUEEN of wanting to look thin. With ALL of that said, the pattern review is listed below. Remember to have fun with your style and stay beautiful!!


Dress - Broadcloth - Wal-Mart
Liner - Crepe - Wal-Mart
(Sorry I don't have links but the fabric store clerks would be happy to assist if you ask for the two type fabrics.)

Sewing Time
I sewed 30 minutes each night when I had free time. It took me 5 days to complete.
For YOU- about 1 hr. LOL

Did the pattern match the results?
No. It was suppose to be a shirt.

LESSON LEARNED - Follow the Finished Garment measurements for a loose shirt. If you want form fitted dress...measure yourself and make necessary adjustments.

Difficulty of Pattern

Great pattern

I added a liner to the dress, added a rolled cuff to the sleeves, and made a belt to cinch in my waist.

Would I sew it again?

STAY BEAUTIFUL!!!!! See you in the next blog post.

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