Tuesday, April 8, 2014

DIY Peplum Top | Vogue Pattern 8815

The weather in Kansas has finally eased up enough to actually take a decent photo outside. Yeah!! I was SO excited to see the weather reach a scorching 63 degrees for mid-day. I am a Southern Bell and I'm still trying to adjust. LOL. Am I complaining?.....Time to actually talk about the top and not the weather. 

This peplum top was sewn about a week ago with 1 yard of grey fabric I absolutely love. Without a doubt I knew I had to pick the perfect pattern because the fabric is such a nice neutral color. Let's just say this top will be worn ALOT. Day, Night, and weekend. You know me....I love FUNCTIONALITY!!

I can't rave enough about this style top because it is perfect for every single figure. The waist hits in the perfect spot and it flares out in the right areas. Especially if you are trying to hide a food baby. Most of all, a kangaroo pouch from previous babies you may have had like myself.

This brings me to my next point. These photos made me realize that the winter has been too long and I have been doing a lot of shaming in the exercise department. The time has come for me to get on my J-O-B! Photos don't lie and it's time to set some goals before the weather really gets warm. I guess Kansas has givin me an opportunity to put the snacks down and get on the treadmill.

Without further ado....the pattern review is listed below.


Stretch Knit Fabric. Click HERE to find similar fabric.

Sewing Time
1 hr

Did the pattern match the results?

Difficulty of Pattern

The fabric is awesome. It's a stylish look that's easy to sew.

I added a double peplum. Instead of cutting one peplum I cut two and reduced the top peplum by 2 inches to show separation. 

Would I sew it again?

Have fun with your style and stay beautiful!!

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