Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Race For Fitness

I finished my first 10 mile run. Yeah!!

On my weight-loss/fitness journey, I have found that setting attainable goals have gotten me slowly to my own finish line. Recently the race bug has been on me and I have completed two in the last two months. These races have definitely forced me to adjust the way I workout and prepare for the next running event.

At first, let me tell you, I was VERY hesitant about putting myself out there and signing up for a race. I focused on other people who could potentially race against me. In my mind, I thought their fitness level was higher than mine and I wouldn't stand a chance. My husband convinced me otherwise. He said, "Keshia, you can do it, you've been running alot!". LOL. He is my #1 Fan! I love you babe!

Honey! Let me tell you. I am so glad I got over that, thanks to my loving Husband. When you show up to a race, you have so many people waiting to run. All of these people are at different fitness levels. Most of all, you have some people who actually walk the route. They tend to stick to the 2 mile and 5K runs for the sake of time. Never the less, they are there reaching their own fitness finish line.

I didn't finish first when they tallied the times but I finished first with my own goals. This has been extremely self-rewarding and I am just getting started.

 Get out there! Set yourself a goal, stick to it, and you won't be disappointed.

If you want to check out upcoming events in your town, click here. Beauty starts from within. Get out there and catch you a fitness bug. Most of all, Stay beautiful!!

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