Thursday, July 25, 2013

DIY | From Drab to Fab

Whenever I go to my favorite store to shop (Thrift store), I always have a basic list of items I want to find with cool prints and colors (i.e. Men's Dress Shirt, T-Shirt, Skirt, Dresses, and/or accessories). On a recent trip, I found this "Granny" dress that needed some updating. The lace was beautiful but the style was dated. In my blog today, I show you the simple steps I took to turn this dress from drab to fab. These steps can be applied to a skirt, a oversized men's dress shirt, or a piece of fabric you have on hand. Most of all, have fun with your style and stay beautiful!

Step 1: Draw a straight line, using fabric chalk, across the dress from armpit to armpit and cut.

Step 2: Remove the buttons and button holes.

Step 3: Line up the open ends and sew together.

Step 4: Measured 10 inches, angled from the top of the fabric to the outer edge of the fabric. Draw a line line with chalk and cut.

Step 5: Hem and pin down the armhole openings on both sides
Step 6: Sew  (Remember to always save your scraps for other projects)

Step 7: Fold and pin the top edge of the fabric and allow room for your ribbon. Complete this step on the front and back.  Use pins to hold the fabric down and sew.

Step 8: Use a large safety pin to feed the ribbon through the openings on the front and back of the dress.


Noriecreates said...

Great job! It's gorgeous!

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