Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year | A Little Old with New

I wanted to start the year off by mixing a little old with new. The cardigan has stood the test of time because I have had this comfy, cozy piece for years. If you squint really hard, you will see a small snag on my left elbow...LOL. (I am not throwing it away). I purchased both the shirt and cardigan from Old Navy. When it comes to Old Navy, if you handle your clothes with "Special Care", they will hold up.

The leggings was a fab find from "Wally's World" (Wal-Mart) for $5.98. With my limited retail resources, I am constantly trying to find great items in the most unexpected locations.

The bracelets were a great gift I received for Christmas from my Mom and they are such a nice touch to my outfit without going over the top. My necklace is a piece I have had a while that gives a small kiss of attention to my decolletage. (Love that The earrings are a pair of dainty pink rose studs.

My shoes and socks are items I have had for an Extremely long time......

Mixing old with new is so much fun because it reflects growth in your closet. It shows that your style is "SMART (Chic). Have fun and stay beautiful. Happy 2013!!