Tuesday, March 18, 2014

V8805 | Shift Dress DIY

I am a sucker for flexible style and I love pieces I can use to recreate multiple looks. Several options reduce the amount of headaches I have when it's time to pick something out to wear. It took me a while to get to this point. I was notorious for shopping in the moment. I would lean more toward things that were trendy and less toward classic items. I learned very quickly that my closet really didn't have those go to pieces. It lacked substance. Now that I am older and slightly wiser, I find myself flocking toward items that will give me longevity.....which leads me into my blog topic. The wonderful SHIFT DRESS! awwhhhhhh. LOvE iT!! This dress is so RIGHT for ALL the RIGHT reasons. This dress is great for most figures.  I am a girl with jumbo hips and I love when I can play up my legs and chest to balance out my BaDONKaDonk. (This word is not in Webster.)When I came across this pattern, I knew I would love everything about it. Just like the DIY Joggers (click here) I blogged about, the shift dress is an item you can wear anywhere with a only a little imagination. Listed below are the details on the pattern. Have fun with your style and stay beautiful.


Ponte Knit click here (Any of these colors will work well). For summer you could choose a beautiful linen or crepe type fabric to have a nice drape and cool feel. The Ponte fabric is more for milder climates.

Sewing Time
2 hr project

Did the pattern match the results?

Difficulty of Pattern

The pattern came together quickly without any hiccups. This dress is simple and classic. It is all about the fabric you choose.

I altered the length. I wanted a little more leg to show so I hemmed the dress a little higher than prescribed. Shift dresses are great for showing off a little leg when everything else is covered. Have fun..right?

Would I sew it again? Yes...and YES!

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