Monday, February 3, 2014

M6844 | Peplum Cardigan

I am SUPER excited about this sewing creation!!!! When I first saw the pattern I was slightly intimidated about trying it out. Contrary to popular belief, when a patterns says "Easy", it doesn't always mean "EASY"...LOL Any who! To minimize the anxiety of wasting money, I used inexpensive fabric. I was able to finish with only a few stumbles and the results came out long as you don't look at the finished edges on the inside. Who ever is reading this, thank YOU for taking the time and I hope it has inspired you to challenge your sewing hand. The pattern review is listed below. Have fun with your style and stay beautiful!!

McCall 6844

Stretch Knit --- I recommend using a Double Knit / Medium Weight Fabric.

Sewing Time
FOREVER..just kidding. Approximately 2 hours for Novice people like myself. LOL!

Did the pattern match the results?

Difficulty of Pattern
The pattern was challenging for me. Keep in mind I have only been sewing for a short while.

Everything about this cardigan is fantastic! I have a passion for the peplum.


Would I sew it again?


RatRace said...

You look great in this cardigan. Your fabric choice is very fashionable. Thanks for the tip on what fabric weight to use.

Keshia McElrath said...

Thank you!