Sunday, September 9, 2012

Moving Day | Tips To Packing Your Accessories

Moving Day is quickly approaching and I am currently sifting and packing everything away. When it comes to my accessories....and everything else, I want to make sure ALL items are packed away properly so I don't have a headache on the other end. Since everything must go, I decided to use a sham cover to roll my necklaces. This prevents it from tangling and being a HOT MESS when you arrive on the other end. If you are a visual person, I have posted pics. Enjoy!

Lay one necklace flat on the fabric

Roll it over
Continue the process
Whah Lah!!....Your necklaces are ready to move without being tangled

The next item I prepped for packing were my earrings. Let me tell is a task to keep earrings straight when you're standing still...much less trying to package them for moving. For sanity sake, it is important for me to stay organized throughout the move. The method Is good in every situation. I love that I am able to see all of the earrings at one glance. All you need is a hanger, a piece of fabric and a hot glue glue. This assembly will keep all your earring (clip-ons & hooks) and broaches sorted and organized.

Earring Organizer

The last item I packed was my bracelets, watches and bangles. I used a necklace to keep them all together. 


If you are moving or traveling in the near future, I hope this was some help. Remember to have fun with your style and stay beautiful!