Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thank You Mom | One Piece Makes A Huge Statement

Today's blog post is extremely special to me because I get to give thanks to a strong, smart and vivacious woman who is so thoughtful and selfless when it comes to helping others. My Mom is a unique angel sent from above and I wish I had a way to express my gratitude for everything she has ever done to help me through all my years of growing up and becoming the woman I am. Out of all the WONDERFUL and AMAZING things she has done for me already, she sent me this beautiful skirt....yes I said skirt as a gift. I knew when I opened the box, I had to show it off on my blog. The skirt is the star of the show and everything else is backup. So when I received it as a skirt, I knew I had to let it stand on it's own in some way or another. In the end, I decided to wear it as a dress instead of a skirt. I selected shoes and accessories that complimented the look without stealing the thunder of the skirt/dress. Mom, I hope I did you proud and thank you SOOOO much for everything you have done for me in my lifetime. I love you!

Tip: Long skirts can give you multiple options when looking for different looks. Try this same idea with a skirt in your closet, along with a belt to cinch in your waist. Pair the look with some cute accessories and you are ready to go. Have fun with your style and stay beautiful.