Monday, March 4, 2013

Shifted Up & Down

Regardless of what the occasion may be, a shift dress will not let you down because the options are endless when it comes to styling this piece. You go from casual to dressy with only a few changes and WHALAH!!!! You are ready to go. This dress is a classic style and will always remain a staple item in my closet for that very reason. When it comes to the shift dress, your options are endless. Have fun with your style and stay beautiful!!!!

Look #1, I paired this basic neutral toned dress with a floral blazer and kept the rest of the outfit neutral. The look was finished off with a pair of rose studs and a statement necklace.
Blazer|F21  Shift Dress| H&M  Necklace | E-Bay  Shoes and Purse | JustFab
Look #2, I took a very casual feel by adding a denim jacket and a coral scarf for a pop of color. Like in the previous look, the rest of the outfit remained neutral.
Denim Jacket | Wal-Mart  Shift Dress | H&M  Scarf | $10 Dollar Store (Airport)  Oxford Flats | E-Bay Purse | JustFab