Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DRAB TO FAB | DIY Kimono Cardigan

Here in the Mid-West we have noticed a huge change in temperature. THANK YOU JESUS!! The weather is nice and warm outside and the sun is shinning bright. With that said, most places have thier air conditioners blowing about 70 degrees. Optimal operating temperature for me is about 81.5 degrees..LOL. Instead of dealing with the slight chill indoors, I like to grab a cardigan. I call it my daytime BLAAaannkkKEE!! I love being warm and cozy. Without fail, I usually have a cardigan in arms reach.

I was inspired to create this Kimono Cardigan after scrolling through Pinterest.  Pinterest is a one stop shop to find all types of  things you are "INTERESTED" in and people "PIN" them from different sites. PINTEREST...what a clever name. The cardigan was SUPER easy and quick! The DIY only require you to cut 5 pieces based off your personal measurements and it only takes about 1 hour to complete. Click HERE to find the steps. Insted of buying fabric, I decided to do a test run on this granny skirt I purchased at the thrift store for $2. Your options are endless with this pattern. Depending on where you live, you could wear this style cardigan year round as long as you select the correct fabric for the season. 

Nevertheless, Have fun with your style and stay beautiful!!

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Shayla Epps said...

You did it again! Great job!