Monday, August 19, 2013

DIY | How To Sew a Peplum Top Using Two T-Shirts

How many times have you seen a cool T-shirt but the fit was all wrong? Well don't be so quick to pass it by or throw it out the window. In today's DIY, I will show you how I turned two over-sized t-shirts into something fabulous. Most of all, I only had to pay $4 for the entire project....without counting all the other supplies I have on hand..LOL. Nevertheless, Let's get started!!

You will need two oversized T-shirts...The bigger the better. 

 I used a cute tube top I had on hand as a pattern. If you do not have a tube top on hand, simply measure above the breast line and divide the number by two and draw a square out on your fabric.
 Hem the top edge of your tube top.
 It should look like this when your done.
 Next, we will work on the peplum piece of the top. Cut one sleeve off the t-shirt. The goal is to cut it in a straight line. Do not worry about the opening because we will fix it later.
 Your T-shirt should look like this. Place a stick pin right on the center edge of you t-shirt. This will hold the t-shirt in place.
 Next you want to start folding you t-shirt in a triangle fashion until you completely fold the entire shirt. It should look like the picture. Measure out 12 inches...or more if you are taller. Remember to leave room for the hem.
Using chalk, draw a semicircle to guide you with the scissors. 
 Cut the fabric and your peplum should resemble a carrot.
 Open it up and it should look like this. Remember the sleeve I cut off?...well this is where you will sew the the two sides together and leave the LOL! Once that is complete you will make sure the opening to your peplum is wide enough. If not, fold the fabric back the way it was and remove a little more. Its better to do a little because you can always take off more later. Once it's cut....It is cut!
 Now that you have cut enough off, your peplum should line up with your tube top. Next you want to him the bottom piece of your peplum and it should look something like the picture on the left.
 Now you want to attach your peplum to your tube top and you are done.Make sure you line the peplum's hemline down the center of the back to give a more professional appearance.

Have fun with your style and stay beautiful!!

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